Indiegogo a GoGo

Some of you may know that I am the creator of The Iron Writer Challenge. The website was started last February and has done rather well. So much so that I am rather surprised. Those who have taken a challenge hang out in a private Facebook group and their collaborative contributions are the real reason the website has grown as much as it has.

One of my goals, dreams if you will, is to have sufficient revenues to give award money to the challenge champions. While discussing my thoughts on this with the group, someone suggested we use Kickstarter as a way to generate the funds. I had never heard of the crowd funding process. The idea stuck with me and then another writer suggested to use Indiegogo. At the moment, several in the group have taken the challenge of presenting our project on one or the other, Kickstarter or Indiegogo. I have left it in their very capable hands. 

About the same time all of this was happening, on a whim, I googled my novel, The Sin of Certaintysomething I have not done in over a year. I have been so busy with The Iron Writer, I really didn’t think of it.  When I googled my tome, I found this link. It is the Barnes and Nobles link to my novel. I glanced at the reviews. I didn’t think that I had that many reviews (not that many really). What I read was not that surprising. Most were negative and they hit upon the very issue I have in my writing. I need editing help. I did my best, along with a couple of friends who helped as best they could with the editing, but I know it isn’t what it could be.

Yet, I believe in the story. Very much so. The trouble is, like so many indie authors out there, I do not have the money to have the book professionally edited. 

This week, I decided to throw my pride to the wind and beg for the bucks. I decided to go with Indiegogo as they had a writing category. I do not know if I will be successful, something tells me no, but that is probably just my pessimism. If I am successful, I will be presently surprised and blessed.

The Sin of Certainty on Indiegogo.

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